About Jagua Gel

 20160206_234413From time to time I get requests for black henna (which is against my conscience!) however I have found a natural alternative: jagua. The juice from this wonderful fruit is applied to the skin in the same manner as henna and leaves a stain that gradually fades away as your skin exfoliates, also like henna. The stain takes 24-48 hours to develop into a dark blue/black colour and remains for up to 2 weeks. My conscience is happy with that : )

What is Jagua Gel?

Jagua is a fruit found in South America and the pulp has been used to naturally stain the skin a blue/black colour for centuries. The Kayapo tribe from Brazil is one known group of indigenous people who still use this method of body decoration to this day. Jagua has become more popular in the Western world along with the growing popularity of temporary body art. It is the perfect solution for those wanting to try out a new tattoo without the commitment. Contact me for tattoo mapping rates and information.


If you are unfamiliar with black henna, it contains the chemical ingredient (paraphenylenediamine or PPD) which is added to henna powder to leave a black stain on the skin. PPD is sometimes used in hair dyes and must be identified properly on the label. Although some people may be attracted to the black stain, it can also cause severe and sometimes permanent damage to the skin. Some experience mild reactions, if any, and some users have permanent scars and blisters. It is definitely not worth the risk! Also, just so you know, because of this risk black henna temporary tattoos are banned in Canada. If you’re not sure what the artist is using, please ask. If they can’t tell you what’s in the henna or paste mixture they’re using, that is your biggest clue to run in the other direction.
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Jagua Gel