Bridal Appointment Prep:

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For personal preparation the bride must be showered and changed into her clothing for the rest of the evening. Please exfoliate the areas where henna is to be applied. This will help the henna set into an even colour and avoid a blotchy stain.

I suggest removing arm and leg hair before your henna application. Not only will this help the henna to be applied smoothly over your skin, but the removal process will not be as painful if the dried henna is pulling at your body hair.

Here is a cool trick:

Instead of waxing, use a hair trimmer to remove your arm hair from the surface. It is a lot less painful and does the job really well!

To prepare for your bridal henna application I have a few requirements regarding the setup.  I require 2 comfortable chairs for myself and the bride and I need to be seated across a table from the person getting their henna done. Usually the kitchen/dining table is sufficient.

To decorate your feet I need you to be sitting comfortably in an elevated position.I will start your henna before the guests arrive to ensure you have a relaxing experience and remain as still as possible during the henna application.I can be in any room you are comfortable in (inside the house only), but there must be sufficient lighting either by ceiling light and/or a standing lamp.

Please let me know ahead of time if you would like a specific glitter colour or Swarovski crystals applied to your henna design. I will inform you of any change in pricing.

Please see aftercare tips for achieving the darkest stain with your henna.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to call or email me!