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*A note to clients: Please provide advance notice if you have a citrus allergy.                                    

Natural Henna : Pure henna powder mixed with either lemon juice or water, sugar and essential oils (tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, cajeput). My henna cones are handmade with love and I know exactly what’s in them. Available for purchase.

Glitter : Add a touch of bling to your henna or jagua design. Also hand made by me and available in a range of colours. Available for purchase.

White Henna : White “henna” is non-toxic body paint which can be applied in the same manner as natural henna. Removes easily with water and does not leave a stain. Available for purchase.

Jagua Gel : The pulp from this South American fruit leaves a beautiful dark blue/black stain which lasts 7-10 days. The perfect way to try out that tattoo you’ve been considering! Gives a great stain on all skin tones and is a natural, safe alternative to black henna. Contact me for jagua tattoo rates.

Removable Henna : My own creation that is applied like henna, but removes easily with oil. This is not natural henna and does not leave a stain. It is made with a mixture of body paint and cosmetic adhesive which are safe for skin. Lasts for the whole day.

Please provide 2-3 days notice as all cones are made to order. To submit an order please send me an inquiry on the Contact page.