About Us :

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Travel.ART.Henna began when co-founder & Head Artist, Kavita Mathura, saw an opportunity to redefine how consumers experience a familiar expression of ancient art. In the past three years Travel.ART.Henna has evolved into a multimedia company using various mediums and media to convey deep symbolism with the use of symmetry, mandalas and chakras, applying only natural and chemical-free ingredients for body art. New age applications also include using acrylic paints on glass, ceramic and clay as presented in her workshops held across Ontario.

 Whether I’m applying henna for a private appointment or a group, I take time to speak to each person that sits with me. With a few questions to guide me, I find out exactly what they do like and what they don’t like. I want my client to be happy with the design they have on their skin because it will be there for at least a week! I do that to make sure the client enjoys the experience of my art. Again, makes my conscience happy!