Jagua Aftercare

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IMG-20160707-WA0005Congratulations on your new jagua design! Here are some helpful tips to care for your design after your appointment.

While the jagua gel is still wet, be sure not to smudge the design as jagua will immediately leave a stain! You will be able to tell when the jagua has completely dried from the look and feel of it. It may even start to peel away from your skin.


To remove the jagua, simply wash it off using water and soap. You can also pick off the dried parts but this may pull your skin and hair. At first you may see a light grey colour but don’t worry, the stain will develop to a navy blue/black colour over 48 hours. Depending on where you get the tattoo the stain will last for 1-2 weeks.


Be careful: The pigment is still active in the first 24 hours. To make sure the stain does not transfer to another part of your body, sleep with your design covered with a glove, sock, long sleeved shirt, etc. If the design does transfer to another part of the skin it can only come off by natural fading and exfoliation.

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