Henna Aftercare

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Congratulations on your new henna design! Here are some helpful tips to care for your design after your appointment.

Keep the henna on your skin as long as you can; overnight is best. If you are not able to keep the henna paste on overnight then try to keep it on for at least 4 hours.

Try to remain warm; henna loves heat! Warmth helps draw the dye out of the henna and is all part of the process to achieve a beautiful, dark stain.

To remove the henna paste from your skin you can either peel/pick it off or put oil over the dried henna and rub it off. This can get messy; over the sink is best! Do not use water or try to wash the henna off.

When the paste is first removed, it leaves a bright golden-orange colour. This will develop into a dark burgundy/brown colour over 48-72 hours. The darkness of the stain depends on a few things:

>   how long the paste was left on

>  body heat or the absence thereof

>  the part of the body henna paste was applied to

>  avoidance of water within the first 24 hours

Even your mental state or temperament can affect the darkness of your henna stain.

After the henna is all off use any oil that is safe for skin and hydrate the design. Instantly you will see the colour change from a bright orange to a deeper orange/red colour. This colour will darken even more over the next 48 hours. Over this time try to avoid soaping, scrubbing or exfoliating your skin as much as possible, and pat dry when wet.


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