Bridal Henna Aftercare

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Here are some helpful hints for caring for your bridal henna.

1) Keep the henna on your skin as long as you can; overnight is best. If you are not able to keep the henna paste on overnight then try to keep it on for at least 4 hours. Medical adhesive helps keep the henna in place but you can also use long socks to cover your arms and legs.

2) Try to remain warm; henna loves heat! Warmth helps draw the dye out of the henna and is all part of the process to achieve a beautiful, dark stain.

3) To remove the henna paste from your skin after it has dried you can either peel it off or use a blunt knife and carefully scrape the paste off. Do not use water or try to wash the henna off. This will prevent the henna from getting as dark as it can.

4) After the henna is all off use olive/coconut/almond/jojoba oil (or any other oil that is safe for skin) and hydrate the design. Instantly you will see the colour change from a bright orange to a deeper orange/red colour. This colour will darken even more over the next 48 hours.

5) Avoid water as best you can within the first 12 hours. Soap washes the henna away and does not let the stain set in. Obviously you will need to wash your hands and take a shower; the idea is to not scrub your skin with soap or exfoliate while the henna is fresh. When you have to dry your skin, pat dry instead of rubbing. Try using gloves to shower and wash your hair and especially for washing dishes.

6) Try to keep your skin hydrated during the first 24-48 hours. I personally suggest using oils that are safe for skin such as olive, coconut, almond and jojoba oils. This will help deflect water and ensure the darkest stain.

7) This is your time to relax! Your big day is coming up so use this time to sit back, relax and enjoy the wedding preparations. Not only does henna react to everyone’s skin differently, your state of mind also affects it. Try to remain stress free and feel the henna happiness!

All the best and of course please call or email me if you have any questions!

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